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Animalia Project - Organism of the Week Presentations

Presentation Guidelines

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10/28 Phylum Porifera –sponges

11/4 Phylum Cnidaria ; Class-Scyphozoa ex. Jellyfish

11/12 Phylum Cnidaria Class-Anthozoa ex. •Sea Anemone & coral

11/18 Phylum Platyhelminthes (flatworms) •Class Cestoda ex. Tapeworm & Class Trematoda ex. Fluke

11/25 Phylum Nematoda (roundworms) ex. Hookworm and Trichina

(N/A) Phylum Rotifera * Rotifers

12/2 Phylum Annelida (segmented worms);Class Oligochaeta ex. Earthworm & Class Polychaeta ex. Bristleworm

12/9 Phylum Annelida (segmented worms); Class Hirudinea ex. Leech

12/16 Phylum Mollusca; •Class Bivalvia ex. Clam & Class Amphineura ex. Chiton

1/06 Phylum Mollusca Class Gastropoda ex. Snail

1/13 Phylum Mollusca ; Class Cephalopoda ex. •Octopus (& Squid)

1/20 Phylum Arthropoda (jointed legs ) ; Class Arachnida ex. Spider & horseshoe crab & scorpion

1/27 Phylum Arthropoda (jointed legs) ; Class Crustacea ex. Crayfish

2/3 Phylum Arthropoda (jointed legs); Class Chilopoda ex. Centipede & Class Diplopoda ex. Millipede

2/10 Phylum Arthropoda (jointed legs); Class Insecta ex. Grasshopper

2/24 Phylum Echinodermata (spiny-skinned); Class Asteroidea ex. Starfish

3/3 Phylum Chordata ; Class Agnatha ex. Lamprey

3/10 Phylum Chordata; Class Chondricthyes ex. Sharks (&rays & skates)

3/17 Phylum Chordata; Class Osteicthyes (boney fish) ex. Perch

(N/A) Phylum Chordata: Class Amphibia ex.frogs, salamanders Amphibia

3/24 Phylum Chordata; Class Reptilia ex. •Snake Ex: turtles and crocodiles(see me on these)

3/31 Phylum Chordata; Class Aves: birds

4/7 Phylum Chordata; Class Mammalia; Order Monotremata ex. Platypus & Spiny anteater
4/7 Phylum Chordata; Class Mammalia; Order Marsupial ex. •Kangaroo (& Opposum)
4/7 Phylum Chordata; Class Mammalia; Placentals- ex. Primates

• Project is due on the assigned date by end of advisor and Wiki submission uploaded by then
• This is always a TUESDAY unless otherwise informed
• Meet with instructor BEFORE the week it is due for any specific information in regards to the oral presentation