Sponge: Phylum Porifera By Natalie S.
Caption: This is a picture of a genus Petrosia sponge. This sponge is very hard and stone like.
Caption: These two pictures are pictures of "vase" sponges. This type of sponge is almost spherical, and has a large hole at the top called the osculum (this is where excretion occurs).
Caption: This is a picture of a 'tube" sponge. The holes at the top are similar to the hole in the "vase" sponge. (Pictured above.) These holes are called osculum.

Sponge By Katie H.

This is a picture of a Phylum Porifera (sponge) and its general structure.

Sponges by Smythe E.

•These pictures are of live tube sponges. The separate picture on the far right is of a close up vase sponge, the large opening being the osculum.

Branching sponge
Branching sponge

Pictured Above: A collection of sea sponges. Shown is the
osculum (the holes at the top of each that create a "tube" inside the sponge)

Pictured above is a tube sponge. As well as the osculum the holes in the material,
which take in and dispose of water, can be seen where the purple coloring begins
to turn orange. The sponge's exterior is loose, making it easier to soak up the water
as the current flows through the sponge.