Dan Connor

Above is a picture of the inside of a leech. At the top, the anterior sucker and jaws lead to the pharynx, which extends to the crop (place of blood storage), which sends small amounts of blood at a time to the intestine. Waste then comes out of the anus, which is located near the posterior sucker (the larger sucker on the bottom).

Above is a picture of a leech showing the suckers in more detail. The larger sucker is the posterior one, and if you look closely at the
anterior sucker (the smaller one on the right), the three sets of small jaws are visible

Here is a (video) showing a leech's movements in water and then it sucks the blood of a small lizard.

In this video, leech expert Mark Siddall talks about the history and biology of leeches with an extensive look at the uses of leeches past and present. Click the (link) (some parts may be considered gross)

Click (here) for a very informative website on leeches and many other things

by Rebecca Bell

Above is an image of a leech attached to a human finger. The leech appears to be sucking the hosts blood through its posterior sucker. The blood will flow through the leeches pharynx, to the crop. As the leech continues to drink, the crop will expand, as will the leeches external shape. The nutrients from this blood will be used over a long period of time, at the end of which, the waste will then be excreted through the anus.

This is a link to a video showing the modern medicinal purposes of leeches.
This website provides general information about the leech as well as a list of 17 interesting facts concerning leeches.
On this web page you will find a collection of photos of a medicinal leech.


By Carlie Woodson

external image Jaws.jpeg

The picture shown above shows an up close view of the "jaws" of a medicinal leech. The leech has three jaws that it uses to create an incision on the skin of it's host. As the blood from the leech's patient builds, the leech creates a seal with its suckers so that it can tightly suck to the surface and collect all of the blood.

This Video shows a variety of different medicinal leeches that are bred in bio farms and explains their purpose.

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