Jack W
Sea Star
Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Asteroidea
This shows the eating habits of sea stars, targeting and scavenging immobile prey.

Being very slow, sea stars are easy prey for a variety of creatures, including this predatory sea snail.

This link shows the tube feet and movement of a sea star.
This website had an in-depth overview of sea stars if you are looking for more information.

Adrian C
Tenacious Toxins
Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Asteroidea
Above is a picture of two starfish in the process of eating a jellyfish. See how the starfish seem to be sucking their prey into their bodies.

The picture above shows the internal organs of a starfish that make up its water vascular system, which helps with the starfish's circulation, respiration, and locomotion.

This picture above depicts a crown of thorns starfish feasting on coral. Right now scientists are worried that the coral population is in danger due to the crown of thorns starfish eating and destroying coral reefs.

This video shows a common starfish being attacked, and eaten, by another starfish. It also includes great up close footage of the tube feet.
This video shows a starfish eating a muscle by pushing its stomach into the shell.
Follow this link if you want to visit a website that has an excellent overview of not only starfish but also other organisms that belong to the Echinodermata phylum.

Matt M
Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Asteroidea
This is a pictures of a sea star cleaning its stomach after eating.
This is a picture of a sea star eating a mussel.
Sea star locomotion & feeding. link
Interesting facts about the sea star. link

Tom O
Phylum Echinodermata
Class Asteroidea
Example: Sea Star
This is showing how a starfish moves on the ocean floor

Diagram of a starfish
Sea star movement over time

Sea Star eating

Lexi P
Phylum Echinodermata (Starfish)
Class: Asteroidea
This is a picture of a starfish opening a mollusk with its tubed feet.

This link is a great explanation of how the Water Vascular System Works.

This is a diagram of what certain canals and different organs used in Starfish's Water Vascular System.

This is a link to a starfish prying a limpet from a rock with its tubular feet. (Video)
This is a link to a close up of how a starfish walks on the ocean floor. (Video # 4)
This is a link to a web page that describes how the reproduction of starfish larvae works.