Mariah Loser
Tenacious Toxins
Phylum: Cordata
Phylum: Cordata007_Internal_anatomy_earthworm_cross.jpg
Class: Chondricthyes

This picture shows the different type of shark teeth that there are.
This is a picture of a Great White Shark feeding on a seal.
This is a picture of two sand tiger sharks. Here you can see the slits in their bodies and you can see several rows of their teeth.

This is a video about a bull shark attack in India, the attack is in local fresh water.
This is a video about a female nurse shark picking a male and then mating.
This is a video about a shark tournament that takes place in Maine. FML!
This is an informational video all about the whale sharks. (youtube video-can't access in school)

Dustin M.
Wacky Woodchucks
Phylum: Cordata
Class: Chondricthyes
This is a good diagram of the outside of a shark.
Click on the pictures to see link.
This is a good diagram of the inside of a shark.
This is a picture of a great white shark feeding.
Here is a great video of a whale shark and information about how it feeds. This is a youtube video not accessible from the school.
Australian great white causes trouble in this video
Shark vs. Giant Pacific Octopus

Alex H.
Fierce Frogs
Phylum: Cordata
Class: Chondricthyes

This picture compares the size of the "huge" great white shark and the now extinct, massive Megalodon shark.

Shown here are the various shapes of shark tails.

This is an extremely rare photo of a frilled shark. This shark has not changed much in a few hundred million years.

Whale Shark Feeding: This video shows the massive, but gentle whale shark feeding on massive amounts of plankton. Notice how small fish swim near and into the mouth of the whale shark, it does not attempt to eat them.
Hammerhead Shark School: A massive hammerhead shark school demonstrates how sharks move through the water from a bottom up view. Click the first video to see the school.

This is a comprehensive and easy to understand page dedicated to basic information of sharks sponsored by Seaworld.

Elizabeth B.
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondricthyes

external image 2wefo2g.jpg
An Ocean White-Tip shark swimming with fish. This shows the outer structure of a shark.

This shows a great white shark springing out of the ocean to catch a large tuna bait.

This is an FAQ site with many interesting facts about Chondricthyes.