Phylum Mollusca
Class Amphineura- ex. Chiton
By: Samantha
This is the underside and the above view of a chiton.

Chiton Video- This shows the radula in process- digestive system.

This picture shows the size of the chiton.

Phylum Mollusca
Class Amphineura- ex. Chiton
Christina Allne

Click here for a video of Chiton.
external image images-1.jpg
images-1.jpgexternal image images-1.jpgThis is the top view of a Chiton. Here you can see the calcareous valves and girdle.

images-2.jpgHere is a picture of how big a Chiton really is.

Phylum Mollusca
Class Amphineura- ex. Chiton
Joe Kingexternal image images-1.jpg
Fierce Frogs

Caption: This picture is the ventral view of the Chiton. On top there are eight different outer shells or valves, which are called the calcareous valves. Around all of these eight shells is the girdle which holds them in place.

Joe King Chiton Video
This video shows footage of a Chiton moving along some rocks.

Caption: This picture shows both a ventral (front) and a dorsal (back) view of the chiton.

Phylum Mollusca
Class Amphineura ex.: Chiton
Lindsey P.

This image shows the varieties of chiton. They may range from light yellow in color to dark brown.

Chiton Video (3rd video from top) This video shows a chiton slowly pulling together into a ball. This may be for protection as the eight outer valves make up the chiton's exoskeleton.

Further Information This website provides more in depth information on the Phylum Mollusca and the various classes within this phylum. It gives information on other organisms related to the chiton as well as more information on the chiton itself.

Gumboot Chiton This website provides information on the gumboot chiton and provides pictures of many interesting varieties of chiton.