Centipedes and Millipedes

Phylum: Arthropoda

Molly Dugas

This picture clearly shows the structures of both millipedes and centipedes. Picture Link

For more information on centipedes and millipedes visit this Website which includes how to keep them from invading your home or garden.

This Video is of a South American centipede eating its old exoskeleton, and attempting to eat a baby green iguana.
This Video is of a giant centipede fighting against a grasshopper mouse.
This Video is of a centipede with its babies and of it being eaten by a snake.
Caption: This picture shows a millipede curled up into a spiral as a way to defend itself. Picture Link26c10666.jpg
In the above picture is a mother centipede with her eggs. Picture Link

Ben Johnson
This picture shows the general structure of a millipede

This is a picture of a centipede using it's poisonous fangs to catch prey

This Video Shows a centipede eating a tarantula
This Video shows how a giant millipede moves
Great Link to learn more about the millipede and centipede