Phylum Mollusca
Class Cephalopoda ex. Octopus and Squid
Cassidy Cleaves

Internal general structure of the octopus.

As a relative to octopi the cuttlefish remains a mystery as far as their talented camouflage abilities. This website details new discoveries being made and applies these discoveries to further information impacting the phylum as a whole.

Octopus Video
This video demonstrates camouflage and eating habits of the octopus using various camera views and incredible footage.

Octopus Video 2
This shows a type of octopus that can actually lose an arm and grow it back to protect themselves!

Octopus Species
This page outlines various species of octopi including pictures of each type.


This website details the chambered nautilus including an image.

Squid Video
This video shows underwater footage of a squid species called the red devils. This shows use of their protective mechanisms and up close shots of their suction cups.

Giant Squid
This website gives information on the Giant Squid. The Giant Squid is the largest invertebrate on earth and the information on this site is very interesting and unique to this species.

Class Cephalopoda ex. Octopus and Squid
Eric Drummond

external image oct.jpgoctopus_III.jpg
Inside the octopus Mantle
external image octopus.jpg
external image octopus-2.jpg
This is a movie showing how flexible the Octopus is.

This link explains how it is the "Master" of Camouflage.


This link will give you further detail on what a Cephalopoda is.

Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Stefanie Hall
Fierce Frogs

external image octopus-mantle.jpgexternal image octopus-mantle.jpg
The inside of an octopus

The general structure and inside of an octopus.

The general structure, and inside of a squid.

Octopus vs. Shark
This movie shows how an octopus survives, and can even take out a shark!

Camouflage and flexibility
This movie shows how some octopus can camouflage to protect itself. Also, how octopus can squeeze into very small places.

Squids mating dance
This movie shows how the male squid attracts the female by changing color.

Squids mating
This movie shows the actual mating of two squids. This is after their mating dance.

Octopus website
This website will help you learn more about the octopus.

Squid website
This website will help you learn more about the squid.

Phylum Mollusca

Class Cephalopoda ex.Octopus and Squid

Thomas Fouchereaux




Giant squid showcase
This video shows the thawing of the giant squid before it goes on display.

Hunting squid
Shows squid hunting at night.

Squid info
Provides detailed explanation of squid movement.

Shows the underside of tentacles.

This squid squirts its famous ink

Squid food
It tries to eat the camera, There are great shots of the beak



Squirming octopus
An octopus manages to squeeze its way into and out tight spaces.

Octopus sex
A website that shows videos of octopus mating, and has an article on octopus sex.

Octopus death
A video proves that fish aren't the only ones in danger when there are octopodes close by.

Octopus walk
The strange walk of octopus it clearly seen.

octopus food
An octopus attacks a crab

Octopus info
This website provides a wealth of information on your favorite cephalopoda.

Phylum Mollusca

Class Cephalopoda ex.Octopus and Squid

Nate Pingitore

OCTOPUSexternal image Octopus_diagram_JPEG.JPG
external image moz-screenshot-1.jpg
Diagram of an Octopus

Diagram of an Octopus


Octopus Walking

Octopus eating a shark

Unscrewing cap


Diagram of Squid

Diagram of Squid

Videos / Photo
up close picture of squid

Squid attacking

First giant squid catpured on flim or picture