Phylum Cnidaria
Class-Anthozoa ex. •Sea Anemone & coral

Sean Anemone: Coral

By: Ivy Anna Kitchen
external image moz-screenshot.jpgPicture_1.png
Body Wall: Structured like a sac. Composed of two layers of cells.
Mesenteries: Fleshy septum build up of a thin tissue.
Septa: Calcium plate like structure. Goes from the wall to the center of the coral.
Cnidae: Help coral capture their pray and protect them from predators. Stinging cells.
Coral feeds and digests through the mouth.
This is a simple diagram showing the basic outline of the coral's structure.

external image moz-screenshot-1.jpgWaratahAnemone.jpg

This is a picture of a live sea anemone. Here you can see the outer layer of the wall and the tentacles.

Video for interactions between coral and fish:
This link is another great source for learning about sea anemones.